Every legacy is unique and important

Legacy LaPlata Memoirs provides personal historian services to individuals, businesses, and sites desiring to preserve their unique perspectives and memories.

Personal historian Susan Terrill-Flint will assist in writing these memoirs. Her professional credentials include a BA in literature and an MA in counseling. She is a member of the Association of Personal Historians.

Her background includes a family tradition of writing memoirs dating back to the 1951 publication of "Pioneer Epic", a memoir of Sarah Ann (Milner) Smith as told to her son, Eugene Smith. She lived from 1884 to 1939 and her memoir captured the family's move from Chicago to the Masonville area of Colorado.

There is a natural interest in family stories. A memoir is the perfect way to capture these stories. A memoir is not a biography. Rather, the memoir as related by the narrator is that person's unique recall of their lifeĀ (or specific instances) and events in itĀ 

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