Frequently Asked Questions

Who would use Personal Historian services?
The most recent information finds that Baby Boomers are the most frequent purchasers of these services. This powerful demographic has two primary needs.

What are the two needs?
First, for themselves.  "Boomers" have a unique place in history and are able to identify and articulate the memories of their lives and contributions in an era of great change.  Second, because they have been trend-setters, they moved often and lived far from their parents, thereby missing the daily contact that would have naturally resulted in learning the stories.  As a result they are at a point in their lives when they are interested in their parents' experiences.  This interest is fulfilled by giving an elder the gift of a personal historian to gather the narration to produce a memoir.  This gift-giving is perfect for an elder who "has everything", has down-sized, and/or is at point of readiness to capture their memoirs.

What does it cost?
During the first meeting, the narrator (or gift-giver) and I agree on the scope of the project.  If it is a montage or an ethical will, the cost could be several hundred dollars.  A complex, bound, memoir with many pages will run several thousand dollars.  To meet the expectations of quality and thoroughness, this type of memoir may even reach into the $25,000 range.  All this would be determined early on so there are no surprises.
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