Bound Memoir

The first hour is free. Once the scope of the project is determined, the final cost will vary.

For example, a "time and materials" may fit the best,  Plan on a cost based on the number of hours plus mileage and materials.

​The usual number of interview hours range from six to eight.  Depending on the needs and schedule of the narrator, blocks of one and one half hours work best.
Story Montage

The first hour is free. The scope of the project will include three to six hours of interviews around the identified events

Shorter than a traditional memoir, a Story Montage concentrates on specific events.  Care is taken to capture the voice of the narrator in the final printed product.

Ethical Will

​As old as the Old Testament, if not older, an ethical will is the concept of bestowing a blessing via sayings, lessons learned, wisdom, family ethical traditions and/or moral guidelines.

An ethical will is just such a blessing, not a legal document.  It transmits those beliefs, wisdom, or "sayings to live by".

For example, my grandmother recognized that each person was absolutely unique.  If she said to me, "Everyone's a wee bit strange except thee and me, and sometimes I'm not so sure about thee", I knew to pay attention to what was going on and that there would be interesting instruction to follow in private.
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